TCI Holds Mid-Term In Savannah on Saturday, February 27, 2010


TCI Officers and Board of Directors came to Savannah, Georgia on Friday, February 26, 2010.  The purpose for  their presence in Savannah was to hold a TCI Mid-Term meeting at the Holiday Inn Express on Saturday, February 27.  The TCI officers and directors were from as far away as Seattle, Washington,  the Houston, Texas area, Newark, New Jersey, Norfolk, Virginia , Moore, South Carolina and  Dalton, Georgia

The Savannah Traffic Club Officers and Board of Directors were invited to attend the TCI Mid-Term meeing.  One of the topics at this meeting was the 2010 Conference/Cruise to Nassau, Bahamas on Friday, September 24, 2010 leaving  from Miami. Florida.  They will return back to Miami on Monday morning, September 27, 2010.  TCI has negotiated great rates with Carnival for their ship, "The Imagination."  Please see Dennis Tam's weekly news letter  for pricing and contact information.

TCI entertained STC Officers and Directors on Friday evening at The Chart House.  STC reciprocated by taking the TCI members on a tour of  Savannah. 

The 2011 TCI Conference will be held in Savannah, Georgia in the fall of 2011.  More information will be available later. Please plan to volunteer to assist planning for this conference. A meeting for all members is being planned for late May, 2010.

The TCI representatives left Savannah on Sunday morning, February 28th to return to their respective cities.

Bonny Woods