CLG Acquires 75,000 Square Feet Of Additional Warehouse Space


Coastal Logistics Group, Inc. (CLG) has acquired an additional 75,000 square feet of warehouse space. Two factors were in direct correlation requiring an increase in the current capacity.

First, CLG required a larger area to accommodate the expanding growth of existing and potential customers. CLG continues to see a rise in customer volumes and forecasts this trend to maintain in 2010. Second, CLG was awarded a custom bond license by the U.S Customs and Border Protection. This new status opens the door to a broader range of customer base.

The expansion demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing a broad range of value added solutions supporting their domestic and export market growth plans. "We’re extremely encouraged with the growth we’ve experienced," stated Mr. Chad Barrow, President of CLG. "Our latest expansion plans reflect the ongoing confidence we have built with our customers, as well as our own prospect for continued growth in all of our services. "

Bonny Woods