StTC Presents Scholarships to GSU Students

The Savannah Traffic Club awarded four (4) Georgia Southern Students pursuing degrees in Logistics In Transportation and one (1) doctoral candidate on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at the Crosswinds Golf Club, Savannah, Georgia.

Each student received a $2,000 scholarship following a brief introduction by STC board members.  Scholarships were awarded to B. J. Blackburn, Jessie Chan, Rebecca Paulk, Kelly Sanders and Stephanie Thomas. 

Scholarships are based on the profiles of the students, essays presented, GPA's and need.

Dr. Karl Manrodt, a Professor of Logistics in the Department of Management, Marketing and Logistics at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia, did a short presentation prior to the awards.   Dr. Manrodt updated statuses of former recipients of the STC scholarships.  He also citied that GSU follows the progress of GSU graduates.  Eleven years ago, GSU's enrollment was about 14,000 students.  Today, GSU's enrollment is 20,000.  The professors at GSU are serious about their students and the degrees the students are pursuing.  GSU takes the ethics of the student body seriously.  GSU professors follow a Do, Go and Know approach with the students at GSU.




Bonny Woods