Weekly Newsletter from TCI President, Dennis Tam, for week of December 26, 2010.

26 December 2010

Good morning everyone.  I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas day.  It appears mother nature is making things tough in several areas around the country.  Between the flooding and mudslides in the West to the blizzard like conditions on the East Coast, a lot of people probably wish they may not have traveled during the holidays.  And of course it makes it tough to deliver goods, but they will get delivered as they always do.

  As I promised this will be short.  I now want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very prosperous (and encouraging) New Year for 2011.  As I reflect back on 2010 I remember how we thought 2010 would be a breakout year and of course it was not.  We survived and grew despite the economy and thousands of people did return to work.  2011 promises to be an even better year and hopefully many more thousands of people will return to work.  One can only hope.  As many of you know (no applauding please), 2011 will be my final year as President of TCI.  In September I will turn the reigns over to Caci Case.  I am so pleased to have her take over the helm at TCI.  She is poised to take TCI to new heights and I encourage each member of each club to come along for the ride.  I, for one think it will be an extraordinary time to be a member club of TCI.  When Caci moves up to President, Danny Schnautz will move up to 1st Vice President.  All I can say about Danny is if you look up the word transportation, there is a photo of him.  He will compliment Caci well.  Danny is about the most passionate transportation oriented individual I know.  His passion and expertise will help Caci take TCI to a new level.  I am extremely encouraged about TCI for the next few years.  If you would like to become involved in TCI as an officer or Board Director, drop me an e-mail and let's talk.  Exciting times are ahead.   My January is starting to shape up to be very busy.  I know I'll be in New Orleans, Philadelphia, Omaha, Western New York, Arizona and possibly Denver in January so far.  And speaking of Philadelphia, The Traffic Club of Philadelphia will host their 103 rd Annual Dinner on Tuesday, January 25th at the Penn's Landing Hyatt Hotel.  For more information go to www.tcphila.org or contact Rian Nemeroff at (215) 914-0392.   Have you signed up for Operation Stimulus yet?  You don't want to miss this one.  Sixteen universities and colleges have committed to send teams.  Operation Stimulus 2011 is themed Toolbox 2011: Building a Successful Supply Chain for the Long Haul.  It will be held at the Denver Renaissance January 27-29, 2011.  For more information or to register go to www.operationstimulus.org.    And two final thoughts, if your club has not paid its dues and insurance premiums recently, please do so.  And lastly,  kudos to Denny Lydic, TCI V.P. at Large.  Denny was a winner in the TCI Scholarship Raffle and re-gifted his $75.00 back to the TCI Scholarship Fund.    Regards, Dennis Tam President, TCI