Weekly Newsletter from TCI President, Dennis Tam, for week of October 31, 2010.

31 October 2010


Good morning everyone.  Hope your weekend was pleasant.  Happy Halloween.  I'm all set for the onslaught of neighborhood kids tonight as they go trick or treating.  Did any of you ever pin horns waaay back in time?  Soap windows?  Throw kernel corn at doors and windows?  I didn't either.  Just heard about it from other kids in the neighborhood.   Not much going on this past week.  Everybody seems to be focused on the elections in their respective state.  Please exercise your right to vote this Tuesday.  And be proud to be an American.  I know I am.  BTW, just 25 days until Thanksgiving.  Oh wow, that means Christmas is only 55 days away.    The TCI Board of Directors will be voting this next week on a proposal presented to us by 1st V.P. Caci Case at TCI Conference.  If it passes I will have some news for each of the clubs next week.   One new venue to pass along.  The Traffic & Transportation Club of Greater New Orleans will host a Water Carrier's Day Luncheon on Tuesday, November 9th at Ralph's on the Park.  for more information contact Pat Giovengo at (504) 433-3364 or their web site at www.ttcnola@msn.com.    Though I'd get this out early.  The Denver Transportation Club will present their 30th annual transportation symposium,  Operation Stimulus 2011 January 27-29.  This year's Operation Stimulus will be held at the Renaissance Denver Hotel.  Operation Stimulus has successfully aligned a student competition with a professional symposium for 29 years.  This is a great venue.  I seem to remember they had 16 universities and colleges from the U.S. and Canada at lat year's competition.  For more information you can go the Denver web site at www.denvertrans@msn.com or go to www.operationstimulus.org.     Regards, Dennis Tam President, TCI