Weekly Newsletter from TCI President, Dennis Tam, for week of December 27, 2009

28 December 2009 Sent: Mon, Dec 28, 2009 11:28 am
Subject: TCI Weekly E-mail

Good morning everyone.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I also hope not too many of you got stuck in the extremely bad weather in the Midwest and East Coast.  While it was chilly in Houston, we had sunshine most of the day.  I urge those of you who drink and will be celebrating New Year's Eve outside of the home to do so responsibly.  Be safe, we need you in 2010!  All indications are all modes of transportation will once again be busy hauling freight.   Want to pass along kudos to the Transportation Club of Tacoma.  Recently they held a Christmas lunch with the benefits going to EFN.  They served 194 people and generated a net total of $21964.00.  At the equivalent of $12.00 of food for every dollar taken in they generated $263,568.00 worth of food for EFN.  Hats off Tacoma for this very worthwhile endeavor.   Please remember to pay your dues and insurance premiums as your insurance certificate expired December 1, 2009.  Katie will get your new certificate out "post-haste" once you've paid.   TCI Mid-term will be held in Savannah, GA in 2010.  The date is Saturday, February 27th.  We are still contemplating a cruise for TCI Conference in 2010 and we hope to have information to pass along in the next month.  The format is expected to be somewhat different from our normal conference.  There will only one day of actual speakers, panels, etc. the day we are at sea.  Lots of details to work out, but I think this will be a fun-filled time for all of us who attend.  We are zeroing in on Houston or New Orleans as the departure port, but are considering others as well.   Everything you read these days concerning the economy and especially transportation are hopeful.  A few excerpts are as follows.  Containerized imports at 10 major U.S. ports are expected to rise in three consecutive months starting in February, breaking a 31 month streak of year to year declines.  ATA predicts "survivors" in the trucking industry will see increased freight shipments beginning as early as February, 2010.  The railroads are seeing continued increase in shipments of chemicals and the Union Pacific broke a record by moving 400 unit grain trains to ports last month.  And in the air expedited scene, Fed Ex among others are expecting increased shipments because of the huge amount of goods ready to go out of Asia. Bottom line is I think the worst is behind us.   One sour note to report on.  Arrow flat-bed drivers got a unexpected surprise on Christmas Eve day when officials at the company canceled their fuel cards and stranded over 1400 drivers around the country.  Truckload carrier Schneider National came to their rescue by offering "rides" home (or as close to home as possible) to the Arrow drivers.    Regards, Dennis Tam President, TCI